Submit Art

Are you a cognitive creative or a midnight doodler? Concept Nation wants your work to work for you!
If you can paint, draw, sketch, doodle or turn a simple or complex idea into an illustration and think you are really good, then we think you should join us as an artist. Get inspired by beautiful concepts, upload artworks, share them on social media, watch them sell out on the Concept Nation Shop and earn a royalty. It doesn't get simpler than that! If it doesn’t make sense we can be contacted personally. (insert link)
As an artist you are able to build a community of followers for your art, and receive feedback, votes and accreditation for great or quirky artworks. It truly is your art on our platform. And we promise to be nice!
We do understand the hours, tears and soul that go into creating art. An artist interview is Concept Nation’s way of saying thank you, for choosing us as your platform to showcase an artist’s work. The Concept Nation blog features an Artist of the Month. This artist receives a virtual and hopefully a very real applause as he or she is featured on the blog. This insight into the artists’ life allows the Concept Nation community to preview a sneak peek into the personal life of the artists behind the glorious T-shirts.

Read the latest Artist of the Month interview here .