Our Story

The Conception of Concept Nation
Foreword by CEO, Vibhu Pillai
“In an age where people find tradition in selecting clothes from an array of options, I recognized the need of passing the baton of power to the people to collaborate and create. This notion has been achieved through an engaging platform which is Concept Nation. Why the name? That’s a whole other story that you will have to ask us in person.
After a whole year of development and with a partly completed product we hit the market in November 2013. We spoke to graphic artists and illustrators alike about creating a community of creative minds. These fantastic individuals would come together to create clothes that people could connect with. Today, this dream is a reality. We started with a handful of 10 artists on our platform. I had Tasha Dsilva and a couple of more people work on bringing the product out to the market. 
T-shirts are the most expressive casual and wardrobe friendly attire. Keeping this in mind, we started off with 9 colors that our super friendly vendor offered us.
We had one objective in mind, to create value for everyone connected to the Concept Nation platform. When you try to change and innovate the way people have done a certain thing for years, it does take time. However, after buckets of black coffee, cans of redbull and numerous pages of spiteful criticism, we revamped our website user experience. All for good, one small step at a time. We got by with a little help from our friends. Having the super creative Patricia Preeti join us and help the brand grow in terms of the quality of art was a real big step for the small Concept Nation team.
Along the way we had great boosts from renowned artists like Vimal Chandran and the Kaziranga National Park Group for endangered single horned rhino awareness. They were special collaborations that helped shape the brand to what it is today.
Today we march on strong towards celebrating our 2nd birthday in November 2015. We at Concept Nation hope to help artists, illustrators, designers and photographers earn through their work. The objective was to provide people with unique fashion wear which defined them and not merely covered their skin. Today we are a team of 6 super enthusiastic people making a difference in the way people look at art.
Stay tuned for more, People of the Nation. Our story is yet to unfold.”