Create a Concept

An Idea About Ideas
Concept Nation knows not everyone can draw. Not everyone has cool software that behaves as a tool to create some kick-ass art. But we also know that those very people have brilliant ideas in image and words. Also, they just might want to share them. How do we know this? That’s how we found our content team!
A Concept is anything you find interesting or inspiring. This could be a subject, a thought or an idea. Put together vivid images from the internet or ones you may have taken and accompany them with few spectacular words. As soon as our hardworking review team reviews a concept, you will be notified by email every time an artist creates an artwork against your concept.
You may ask... okay, we’ll ask it for you. Why should you procrastinate on Concept Nation? For starters, it is pretty awesome and we are working super hard to continuously improve that. And well because you get to be on the top, figuratively, at least. Concepts of the month are featured on the top of the page. So we weren’t kidding.
Our platform is an engaging and lucrative way to follow your passion about anything under the sun. Or rain and clouds too! We’re a startup from Bangalore, you get the point. You can support the concepts you like or share a concept you created on social media to gain support from friends and family. Once done, watch your concept transform into an illustration or digitally inspired artwork on a T-shirt by a cool artist. You may even buy this Concept T-shirt from the Concept Nation Shop.